What is transition grades?


    Transitions grades are a new level in a student's academic journey identified as Kindergarten, 6th, and 9th grades in the Providence Public School District.   


    How do get to choose a preferred school?


    Providence Public Schools provides students and parents at the transition grades with an opportunity to participate in the school random selection process.  The District provides each student at these levels the opportunity to select four preferred schools to be submitted as choices in the randomized assignment process.   


    How do I submit my choices?


    Kindergarten - The selection process will happen at the time of the initial on-time kindergaten registration.   


    Grades 6 and 9:  The selection process usually happens while the students are actively enrolled in a Providence School during the academic year prior to moving into the transition grade.  Students are provided with forms and a submission deadline, they must meet, in order to participate in the randomized selection process.  Student's living in Providence but attending private or charter schools may participate in the choice process by requesting a form at the Student Registration and Placement Center.

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