• Research and Evaluation



    The Office of Research, Planning and Accountability (RPA) takes the lead responsibility within the Providence Public School District (PPSD) for conducting an on-going program of research and evaluation. RPA seeks to cultivate research practice partnerships with academic and policy centers to create and pursue a collaborative research agenda for PPSD that will generate new knowledge.The establishment of Research Practice Partnerships (RPPs) is a central goal of the RPA Office and is seen as a key lever in helping to inform policy and build knowledge to support decision making to improve educational outcomes for students in Providence Public Schools. 


    RPA has established a broad research agenda, and has identified research questions that are of high priority to the district. The research agenda is meant to be a living document that evolves as the needs of the district change and as partnerships are formed. In an effort to cultivate these partnerships, RPA has developed a set of guidelines for interested organizations, agencies and institutions requesting to engage in primary data collection, secondary data release, as well as more traditional reserach and evaluation activities in Providence schools.



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