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Mrs. Robinson

Welcome to Room 4!  

I hope everyone’s summer has been full of adventure and relaxing moments with family and friends.  I am very excited to be returning to the 4th grade this year, I look forward to meeting everyone and beginning the fantastic year we will share together.

Just a few quick notes so that you can come prepared on the first day of school.  Our classroom is a community of learners and we share materials (crayons, markers, colored pencils, scissors, paints).  I will get everything we will need for the year. A small supply of materials for completing homework should be purchased and left at home.  Everyone needs a backpack and a unique or well labeled reusable water bottle. I do have a few art related items on the Room 4 Wish List. These items will be shared as a class. 

I will have all supplies available the first week of school.  I know some families enjoy purchasing school supplies, so here's a list just for you!  I get plain notebooks and folders.  

Student’s optional supply list: 

  • 2 composition notebooks (wide rule any color/picture)
    • Vocabulary, Writing
  • 3 two pocket folders (any color/picture)
  • 3 envelope shape w/button folders (pictured below)
  • 5 one subject notebooks (wide rule any color/picture)
    • Math. Science, Social Studies, Reading, Personal Doodling
  • Mechanical pencils and lead (I allow these, but I do not provide them.)
  • Headphones that can be left at school (These will not be shared.)

Room 4 Wish List:

  • Watercolor Sets, Watercolor Paper/Pads, Dry Erase Markers, Cleaning Wipes, Tissues, Pencil top or larger erasers

Throughout the year I will be requesting upcycled materials.  I will send home requests when the materials are needed.

The Providence Community Libraries and Mobile Libraries offer many opportunities for both summer reading and summer math.  Check for times and locations on their website. 

My email is  I check my email every so often during the summer.


Ms Robinson


Picture examples of some supplies at Job Lot:

        and packages of only one or the other work as well.

Basic watercolor sets work wonderfully.  The tube sets are fine as well, I have a classroom set of palettes and brushes.

This week (8/4 - 8/10) composition notebooks, one subject notebooks, and two pocket folders are on sale at Staples.