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Every child, in school, every day, on time.

Every child, in school, every day, on time.

Child Outreach

  • To schedule a screening, please call (401) 278-0517


    The Providence Public Schools conducts free Child Outreach Screenings for children 3 to 5 years of age. The program provides families with information about their child’s development and offers information about other resources that are available in the community. Child Outreach is a program sponsored by the RI Department of Education and the Providence Public School Department.


    There are five components of the screening which are as follows:

    1. Developmental – this component shows your child’s learning skills in a variety of areas: movement, language, thinking, socialization, and behavior. Your child will be doing special activities such as hopping, counting , drawing, following directions, identifying pictures and copying shapes, to name a few.
    2. Speech – this screening shows how your child expresses himself/herself. After warming up through conversation your child will be asked to say a number of words. This helped to check his/her ability to pronounce certain sounds that are appropriate for your child’s age. This is called articulation. The second part of the speech screening focuses on expressive language: your child’s ability to verbally express him/her.
    3. Hearing – a screening which shows how your child’s hearing is at the time of the screening. This should never take the place of an audiological exam if you suspect your child may have a hearing loss.
    4. Vision – a screening using an eye chart, probably very similar to the eye chart at your pediatrician’s office.
    5. Social/Emotional – this screening is a questionnaire that you are asked to fill out in helping us to determine the needs of your child, if any, in this area.


    Public screenings are held throughout the year at the end of each month and during a two week span of time during June. Screenings are also available during the summer months. All public screenings are conducted by appointment only.  Walk in screenings are held in April, May and June.  These screenings are located at various sites around the city and no appointment is required to participate.


    If you would like to schedule an appointment, please call (401) 278-0517.

    To schedule a screening, please e-mail


    If you require further information, contact Mindy Mertz at (401) 456-9100 extension 11325 or

Child Outreach Screening Dates Information

**Location change**

  • Due to a flood at the Olneyville Library, the screening scheduled for May 17 has been moved to the William D’Abate Elementary School, located at 60 Kossuth Street, in Providence.